your postpartum village

The body is particularly vulnerable after giving birth, yet most American women don’t have the time or energy for adequate meal planning after the arrival of a newborn. For thousands of years, East Asian families have fed new mothers meals thought to help the body recover from pregnancy and birth. They have found ingredients that help the uterus contract, balance hormones, and bring in breast milk.

Be Well Bowls is inspired by the Chinese Sitting Month, making the wisdom and benefit of ancient practices available to American women through a nutritious meal service using familiar ingredients and flavors.

our meal service

Be Well Bowls provides nourishment through meals specifically selected to help a body recover from pregnancy and birth. While everyone is focused on the baby, we are focused on the mom, providing the right foods at the right time so that she has one less thing to think about.

each week is focused on a different healing element:

WEEK 1: cleansing / detoxification - contracting uterus, flushing out placental blood and delivery drugs

WEEK 2: rebalancing / replenishment - rebalance hormones, liver enzymes

WEEK 3: rebuilding / milk supply - rebuilding the body’s strength and gaining milk supply

WEEK 4: energizing / milk supply - energize the body and continue developing the milk supply